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Everything is not…what it seems.

cary-in-arsenic-and-old-lace-cary-grant-1674115059Movie number 4.  Arsenic and old lace. Now here’s a great comedy. A movie I’m sure you all know. It’s another movie with Peter Lorre so you can imagine my “excitement”. Even so, the movie’s sooo good, it didn’t even bother me. Released in 1944 starring Cary Grant, Priscilla Lane, Jack Carson, Raymond Masey and of course, Peter Lorre.  Now to the plot.

A movie/theater critic Mortimer Brewster,known for his books and opinions about marriage(he’s against it)  is found getting married on the first scene of the movie. Then he goes to Brooklyn to tell the good news to his favorite aunts who raised and cherished him, Martha and Abby Brewster (Jean Adair and Josephine Hull). But he soon finds out his aunts’ contribution to society… since  they’re very kind and like helping people, they kill lonely old men to put them out of their “misery”, 12 men to be exact.Yet again,you’ve guessed right, the aunts are as crazy as Hannibal Lecter and as cute as the Easter bunny. Mortimer freaks out,the aunts find it completely normal to keep doing what they do and their other nephew(who thinks he’s teddy Roosevelt) is charged with burying the “victims” on the cellar( which he was told that it’s the Panama canal and that the old men are yellow fever victims). If you think it’s crazy enough as it is, wait until Mortimer’s brother Jonathan (a sadistic serial killer counting 12 victims himself) returns to Brooklyn after many years of “traveling” to hide from the authorities. In this complicated situation Mortimer wants to save his aunts from going to prison, send his cousin to a home(because he thinks he’s teddy Roosevelt), get rid of his brother and keep his wife from leaving him….But everything seems to work out in the end, and everyone went to where they belonged…

“Teddy’s” line is my favorite. “Chaaaaaarge” he says as he climbs up the stairs. Jean Adair’s,Josephine Hull’s and Cary Grant’s performances are fantastic and very enjoyable to watch. I give it a thumbs up and a golden star! Hope you enjoy it as much as i did…

This movie is a very good example of how different people are in comparison  to the way they look. Take the Brewster sister for example. They were respected and beloved member of their community but in the inside not only were they crazy but cold murderers as well! What i’m trying to say is, you can never tell about a person by just looking at them,or even talking to them. Unfortunately, you have to get to know people, live them through the hard stuff and the easy stuff to be able to have an opinion….Listen to “Here comes the sun”, ‘dear prudence” and “we can work it out” and don’t forget to listen to each of their songs before the month is out cause march is bon jovi month!

quote of the day ” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results” Albert Einstein


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“The stuff that dreams are made of…”

Movie number 3. The Maltese falcon. It’s a mystery film noir. Release date 1941, the only time when the main character (Humphrey Bogart) can call a woman “angel”, “precious” and “sweetheart” and get away with it. In this movie everything’s about the money. Even Bogart’s main motive seems to be money(even though i hardly think so, he’s supposed to be the good guy, isn’t he?).

OK let’s start with the plot shall we? Two private investigators, Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) and Miles Archer, (Jerome Cowan) receive a woman’s cry for help. Her sister has gone away with someone named Thursbymaltese1-copy so she wants them to find them. Archer follows her, because she was supposed to meet Thursby and talk about the whole situation. Both him and Thursby are found dead that same night. Starting there Sam Spade tries to find his partner’s murderer. After that incident the movie takes a weird course…We learn that that client is not what she seems, other characters appear also, like Peter Lorre(whom i really don’t like as an actor,sorry fans) and a romance begins between Brigid O’Shaughnessy,the client’s true name, and Spade. But i don’t think that the movie is romantic in any way shape or form.I’m rumbling,anyway…everything seems to be happening because everyone and especially Gutman (Sydney Greenstreet), I’m sure you remember him from Casablanca, wants a small falcon statuette worth millions.Another very interesting character is Spade’s secretary,his right hand. She’s a character that always keeps you wonder if she has anything to do with the falcon,but in everyone’s disappointment,she doesn’t. She’s just too nice to be true.

What i really liked was the atmosphere of this movie and i believe that the fact that the falcon descended from the Knights Templar (the most interesting part of  history,if you ask me) gave the movie a little something special.

It’s definitely a movie worth watching if you’re interested in seeing what movies looked like back in the 40s and also why movies look the way the look today! It teaches you something Spade never learned,to choose your lovers wisely and not to dwell in solitude, like he did…

Today you’re gonna listen to some of my favorites, “come together”,”in my life” and “sweet little sixteen”

quote of the day “God has given you one face ,and you make yourself another” William Shakespeare


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Nazis are everywhere!

The_African_Queen,_BogartMovie number two. The African Queen. Very interesting movie on how two people who wouldn’t even talk to each other under different circumstances, can fall in love. For those of you who don’t know about it, we’re in the world war 2,yet again in Africa, this is totally coincidental. The Nazis attack and burn a native village in  which Rosie (Katharine Hepburn) is teaching Christianity. After that she escapes along with Charlie (Humphrey Bogart),who was simply delivering the mail. On their way they want to do something to help their country, so they decide to ram the Louisa,a nazi ship on central Africa. And of course they fall in love while trying to do so….

A sensational movie that teaches us that love is blind and that it conqueres all. At least that’s what i can come up with cause this is a great romantic comedy,a must-see  classic. Don’t forget that Bogart was awarded with his only academy award for leading actor for his performance in the African Queen. Bogart’s sloppy appearence and Katharine’s british attitude make for a hilarious combination.

Today’s songs are “I’ve just seen a face” and “Maxwell’s silver hammer”. Enjoy the Beatles while they last cause next month it’s bon jovi!

quote of the day “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal” MLK


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Project Hollywood

Yeah,you heard me. Project Hollywood. I have found about 100 classic movies i’ve either never watched or would gladly watch again and decided to watch them all until August 4rth 2012, my birthday. I know it’s a long time and I’m not sure if i’ ll make it. Some of those movies are  in chronological order and some are not…. A movie I recently watched (again) was” the sisterhood of the traveling pants” and it reminded me that when you have a fight, it doesn’t matter if you’re right, but what you say…that’s just something i wanted to share with you…

Movie number one : The English patient. I liked it. It’s a very sweet movie. It takes place in WW 2 and it’s the story of a man who getts amnesia after a plane accident that got him crippled  and burned. His story is this : he  meets a woman with whom he gets involved with and they fall madly in love . Many tragedies occur and we see World War 2 in all it’s “glory” so the romance is sometimes shadowed by cut fingers and forbidden lovers… Only thing i didn’t understand was how the leading characters fell in love. There was no “get-to-know” scene or anything like that… maybe the writers found the film would become too long that way,still i didn’t like that there’s no explainable reason why they got together… she was married for cryin’ out loud!the-english-patient-662831l

Anyway… the English patient,although a bit boring at the beginning, is definitely one of the best movies out there and a movie to watch. I give it a thumbs up!

I also thank it  for reminding me of Fred Astaire’s “cheek to cheek” which really made my week!

Talking of songs i haven’t told you about the band/artists tribute i’ ll be paying, have i? Well to make long story short, this month’s band is the Beatles. Listen to their best hits, their least know songs, become a full grown Beatles fan until the end of the month… First you listen to “yesterday”.              That’s it for now, but before i go…..

Quote of the day “Get mad, then get over it”  Colin Powell


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Holding out for a hero…

 We’ve had fantasies and dreams since we were young, our imagination was going wild about castles,dragons,knights and princesses. Talking cars,becoming astronauts and ballerinas. We were on fire… But as we grew up,even crazier dreams came to the surface,for girls was Prince Charming who’s gonna sweep them off their feet. For us boys was the beautiful(and hot) princess who’s gonna love us no matter our faults…

And so,we wait for them to come, like snow white, we wait for the prince to kiss us and take us home… and we wait and we wait… But at some point you realize noone’s coming, that you have to go looking for that other half…did you find him/her? and you start wondering why not…”Am i good enough?” ‘Were my standarts too high?” “Was i looking for at the right direction?”

But then it hits you,some people  earlier than others….there’s no knight in shining armor,or radiant princess…it’s a person, faulty,ugly,pretty,stupid,clever,boring ordinary and unique… just like you and everybody else…stop looking for that guy in the movies or that bimbo in the tv commercial and start looking for that person next to you,the person you just met or that total stranger who picks up your purse… Don’t judge with a list of criteria but with what you feel’s right…. Countless books and movies have been bitching about all this but the thing is….you just have to go with your heart and see where it takes you…forget the fantasies and go with what life gives you because, at some point….later on, you might regret it…And what happens then,when you know your knight is kissing your neighborhood barbie, breeding Kens?? What do you do then??

Tell me what you think,prove me wrong, tell me your story,your opinion….

quote of the day,well you can’t have enough quotes about that can you?? so today,there’s two…          “I don’t wish to be everything to everyone, but i whould like to be something to someone”  Steven         Javan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

“We are all born for love. It is the principle of existance and it’s only end”   Benjamin Disraeli

p.s. next week i’ll start a project i’ve wanted to start for some time now,and make monthly tributes to music bands and artists. Fasten your seat belts!!


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Everybody’s fool…

MapleStory-BasilMarket-Screen-200468A black cat blocked our way the other day while we were driving with my mom to some place i can’t remember. Instantly i though that something bad would happen that day or maybe something good,nothing seems to work “properly” for me. My favourite animal is the alligator,but my second favourite animal is the hawk. Where i live, hawks aren’t very common so i have decided that everytime i see a hawk it’s definitely good luck. It’s my good omen. In addition to that, every time a new month starts i can’t keep but wonder if the 13nth is a Friday,you know that incident with the Templars? It seems superstitions are all around us and inside us. We end up believing them. We think “if signs sometimes work,why not this?”

The thing is, superstitions are nothing more than our imagination going wild, just an other way to fool ourselves and others,make them believe good fortune or bad luck can be predicted by the clouds or the wing-beat of a bird. But actually just like zodiac signs, we know it’s fake,we laugh at it and say “of course i don’t believe in that stuff!’ But no matter what,most of us fall for it most of the times,even if we know it’s not real…

But what we like doing the most is convincing ourselves that something that has a 0% possibility of happening might happen,or that things happen for a particular reason. We make ourselves believe that that guy at the office is definitely into us,we make ourselves believe that that fight or accident was not our fault, that mistake was for the best. We force ourselves to believe all sorts of thing so that we can keep our hopes up, not to lose it or be able to stand by ourselves and wake up in the morning. We put up a show and pretend, trying to cheat even our own mind. We lie to ourselves…

So, at the end of the day, we are surrounded by all those deceptions that are created by us or others. Most of us in more than one way fool ourselves into believing almost anything. This makes you wonder,sometimes, is our sanity protected by lies and illusions? When we are at the verge of going crazy over something or when we want something very bad, do we foolishly convince ourselves that everything’s gonna be alright?

quote of the day ” Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe ” Voltaire


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One for all and all against (every)one…

Everyday we get into a car and drive to work,take the subway downtown or walk to a cafeteria. No matter what, we see people. Walk right by them noticing their faces and what they do. We might see a chubby white man or an old lady and think they’re conservative or strict,a woman and think she’s gonna run over you.You see a blonde and think she’s silly or a guy with glasses and treat him like einstein. Yes,you guested right,steroetypes…

We create them and use them to make assumption for others, judge them or like them. We put a tag on everyone we see thinking that that way we know exactly who he is and what he likes.We label… We do that for women,jobs,nationalities etc…how many times haven’t you thought that a constuction worker isn’t likely to show up in your tennis club or an american to your chess club? Probably never because those are bad examples,but you get my point.

Shouldn’t we be focusing on discovering each other’s inner worlds and thoughts? Getting to know each other and have fun, since after all is said and done,having enjoyed yourself and feeling good with who you are,isn’t this what we’re all looking for?(besides love,a good job,a familly and material goods. Just kidding,kinda…) How come every time you thought something for someone you see he/she turns out to be so much more than that? Then why,i say why have stereotypes? Could it be that we use them to categorize people to not have to trouble ourselves with getting to know them?

Quote of the day “If you judge people,you have no time to love them”  Mother Teresa


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