Everything starts when the sun rises…

12-24-13-sunrise-fog-hawkIf you don’t like Meg Ryan and a good cheesecake stop reading now,we probably won’t get allong.

Good, now to the point…

Sometimes you have those very difficult disappointing days when the universe seems to be playing some prank on you or teasing you just to see you suffer.If you’ve had those kinds of days then you probably can imagine my week. Worst time at work(and when i say work i mean school,yes i am still a student, but not for long),not getting much sleep, and let’s just say that the little winged god had taken the weekend off….That’s where all the thinking took place and out of the chaos the ultimate idea popped out; to make a blogg about all the things i like, and here i am talking to myself right now! There really is nothing better than starting your day with a little crazy…

But the craziness has subsided and everything is back to normal… Drawing as always,studing as much as procrastination allows, just trying to get through the week,waiting for a week-end to come…

quote of the day ” We will remember not the words of our enemies,but the silence of our friends” M.L.K.


some john


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Hi. My name is John. It's a really exotic name given to me by my hippie parents. It's caused me to become cynical, sarcastic, short-tempered and socially impaired. Let's have fun together, shall we?! View all posts by somejohn

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