One for all and all against (every)one…

Everyday we get into a car and drive to work,take the subway downtown or walk to a cafeteria. No matter what, we see people. Walk right by them noticing their faces and what they do. We might see a chubby white man or an old lady and think they’re conservative or strict,a woman and think she’s gonna run over you.You see a blonde and think she’s silly or a guy with glasses and treat him like einstein. Yes,you guested right,steroetypes…

We create them and use them to make assumption for others, judge them or like them. We put a tag on everyone we see thinking that that way we know exactly who he is and what he likes.We label… We do that for women,jobs,nationalities etc…how many times haven’t you thought that a constuction worker isn’t likely to show up in your tennis club or an american to your chess club? Probably never because those are bad examples,but you get my point.

Shouldn’t we be focusing on discovering each other’s inner worlds and thoughts? Getting to know each other and have fun, since after all is said and done,having enjoyed yourself and feeling good with who you are,isn’t this what we’re all looking for?(besides love,a good job,a familly and material goods. Just kidding,kinda…) How come every time you thought something for someone you see he/she turns out to be so much more than that? Then why,i say why have stereotypes? Could it be that we use them to categorize people to not have to trouble ourselves with getting to know them?

Quote of the day “If you judge people,you have no time to love them”  Mother Teresa


some john


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Hi. My name is John. It's a really exotic name given to me by my hippie parents. It's caused me to become cynical, sarcastic, short-tempered and socially impaired. Let's have fun together, shall we?! View all posts by somejohn

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