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Everybody’s fool…

MapleStory-BasilMarket-Screen-200468A black cat blocked our way the other day while we were driving with my mom to some place i can’t remember. Instantly i though that something bad would happen that day or maybe something good,nothing seems to work “properly” for me. My favourite animal is the alligator,but my second favourite animal is the hawk. Where i live, hawks aren’t very common so i have decided that everytime i see a hawk it’s definitely good luck. It’s my good omen. In addition to that, every time a new month starts i can’t keep but wonder if the 13nth is a Friday,you know that incident with the Templars? It seems superstitions are all around us and inside us. We end up believing them. We think “if signs sometimes work,why not this?”

The thing is, superstitions are nothing more than our imagination going wild, just an other way to fool ourselves and others,make them believe good fortune or bad luck can be predicted by the clouds or the wing-beat of a bird. But actually just like zodiac signs, we know it’s fake,we laugh at it and say “of course i don’t believe in that stuff!’ But no matter what,most of us fall for it most of the times,even if we know it’s not real…

But what we like doing the most is convincing ourselves that something that has a 0% possibility of happening might happen,or that things happen for a particular reason. We make ourselves believe that that guy at the office is definitely into us,we make ourselves believe that that fight or accident was not our fault, that mistake was for the best. We force ourselves to believe all sorts of thing so that we can keep our hopes up, not to lose it or be able to stand by ourselves and wake up in the morning. We put up a show and pretend, trying to cheat even our own mind. We lie to ourselves…

So, at the end of the day, we are surrounded by all those deceptions that are created by us or others. Most of us in more than one way fool ourselves into believing almost anything. This makes you wonder,sometimes, is our sanity protected by lies and illusions? When we are at the verge of going crazy over something or when we want something very bad, do we foolishly convince ourselves that everything’s gonna be alright?

quote of the day ” Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe ” Voltaire


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