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Project Hollywood

Yeah,you heard me. Project Hollywood. I have found about 100 classic movies i’ve either never watched or would gladly watch again and decided to watch them all until August 4rth 2012, my birthday. I know it’s a long time and I’m not sure if i’ ll make it. Some of those movies are  in chronological order and some are not…. A movie I recently watched (again) was” the sisterhood of the traveling pants” and it reminded me that when you have a fight, it doesn’t matter if you’re right, but what you say…that’s just something i wanted to share with you…

Movie number one : The English patient. I liked it. It’s a very sweet movie. It takes place in WW 2 and it’s the story of a man who getts amnesia after a plane accident that got him crippled  and burned. His story is this : he  meets a woman with whom he gets involved with and they fall madly in love . Many tragedies occur and we see World War 2 in all it’s “glory” so the romance is sometimes shadowed by cut fingers and forbidden lovers… Only thing i didn’t understand was how the leading characters fell in love. There was no “get-to-know” scene or anything like that… maybe the writers found the film would become too long that way,still i didn’t like that there’s no explainable reason why they got together… she was married for cryin’ out loud!the-english-patient-662831l

Anyway… the English patient,although a bit boring at the beginning, is definitely one of the best movies out there and a movie to watch. I give it a thumbs up!

I also thank it  for reminding me of Fred Astaire’s “cheek to cheek” which really made my week!

Talking of songs i haven’t told you about the band/artists tribute i’ ll be paying, have i? Well to make long story short, this month’s band is the Beatles. Listen to their best hits, their least know songs, become a full grown Beatles fan until the end of the month… First you listen to “yesterday”.              That’s it for now, but before i go…..

Quote of the day “Get mad, then get over it”  Colin Powell


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