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That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Wow if you thought the last break was big this one must’ve seemed like a million years! Well not like a million years, it’s more like….a few months or weeks… anyway… i present you….

Movie Number 6. The apartment. It starts in a very interesting way which reminded me of how the 101 dalmatians started,with the dog talking about its life with Roger. But enough with the references let’s cut to the chase,shall we?jack-lemmon-shirley-maclaine-the-apartment

The movie’s about an employ, C.C. Baxter( Jack Lemmon) and his incurable habit of lending his apartment to his supervisors to go there with their girlfriends. All this to be promoted, but don’t get a bad idea, he’s a nice guy all and all… But the plot starts to thicken when he finds the girl he likes, Fran Kubelik (Shirley McLayne), with the company president( or whatever he was…),in his apartment… Then she tries to commit suicide  but she is rescued by Baxter and his neighbor,who of course is under the impression that Baxter is a man-whore after after hearing all these women coming and going out of his apartment. After that it’s pretty classic, she realizes that she loves him as much as he does and they end up together….

Baxter’s “catchphrase” was “that’s the way it crumbles,cookie-wise”. I really liked this, it reminded me of Bruce almighty when Jim Carey says “And that’s the way the cookie crumbles’ !

The apartment is an amazing comedy-romantic movie that i advise you to watch,if you haven’t seen it yet that is…

Is march over already? Well in this case i’d tell you to listen to every bon jovi song as soon as possible cause you don’t have much time! Next month we’ll go for  nightwish!

quote of the day : ” Love conquers all” Virgil


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Say it before it’s too late…

Sorry for the long pause oh great ocean of readers. Movie number 5. It happened one night. Actually there were nights… first of all this might be  very classic,but please sympathize with me for not having seen it…  first  impressions: it’s really obvious that the movie’s old, 1934…

Ellie( Claudette Colbert) a spoiled heiress escapes from her father and heads back to her husband,in new york. to do so she has to jump off her father’s yacht, get in a bus,meet a reporter (Clark Gable) and fall in love with him…   Well to be precise the reporter’s name is Peter Warne and he’s looking for a big  juicy story for his newspaper,so the runaway-bride is just what he needed…being distant at first but yet caring he begins to feel something for her too…Along the way they behave like a married couple and many comic incidents occur until the big twist… the night she tells him she loves him he somewhat rejects her and leaves their motel room to find some money and run way with her….but fate’s got other plans. Ellie is found by her father and brought back home…now’s where it gets even more interesting. Her father who’s surprisingly modern for his time,not only doesn’t he like her daughter’s husband (whom she’s to remarry) but he talks with Peter to find out about how he feels. After Peter confesses his love,Ellie’s father tells her that and she leaves in the middle of the wedding to go find her Peter…..and of course that’s the way it was supposed to end… but until then Ellie’s ego was going wild thinking that Peter didn’t love her… a romantic movie indeed…225px-Gable_ithapponepm_poster

Don’t forget that possibly every movie concerning a runaway daughter/bride must have it’s origins here… what really caught my eye about this movie was that moments after she found out that Peter loves her,she left in the middle of the ceremony, just when she was to say I do, and ran to Peter…this made me realise how simple and complicated we can be …all she needed to reject her husband,abandon her guests and make a fuss on the media was an “I love you too”.

That’s all we need, “i love you too” and we can leave our husbands/wives/jobs/countries/boyfriends/girlfriends/parents/social statuses etc… “I love you too”,that’s all we need…

I’m a man who keeps his promise so I present you…..bon jovi! for you rookies I suggest “always”, I’ll be there for you” and “you give love a bad name”. And to you old fans have a nice time daydreaming!

quote ” Did you say it? ” I love you.I don’t ever want to live without you. You changed my life.” Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it,but every now and then,look around. Drink it in ’cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow…”  Grey’s Anatomy – Meredith Grey


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