That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Wow if you thought the last break was big this one must’ve seemed like a million years! Well not like a million years, it’s more like….a few months or weeks… anyway… i present you….

Movie Number 6. The apartment. It starts in a very interesting way which reminded me of how the 101 dalmatians started,with the dog talking about its life with Roger. But enough with the references let’s cut to the chase,shall we?jack-lemmon-shirley-maclaine-the-apartment

The movie’s about an employ, C.C. Baxter( Jack Lemmon) and his incurable habit of lending his apartment to his supervisors to go there with their girlfriends. All this to be promoted, but don’t get a bad idea, he’s a nice guy all and all… But the plot starts to thicken when he finds the girl he likes, Fran Kubelik (Shirley McLayne), with the company president( or whatever he was…),in his apartment… Then she tries to commit suicide  but she is rescued by Baxter and his neighbor,who of course is under the impression that Baxter is a man-whore after after hearing all these women coming and going out of his apartment. After that it’s pretty classic, she realizes that she loves him as much as he does and they end up together….

Baxter’s “catchphrase” was “that’s the way it crumbles,cookie-wise”. I really liked this, it reminded me of Bruce almighty when Jim Carey says “And that’s the way the cookie crumbles’ !

The apartment is an amazing comedy-romantic movie that i advise you to watch,if you haven’t seen it yet that is…

Is march over already? Well in this case i’d tell you to listen to every bon jovi song as soon as possible cause you don’t have much time! Next month we’ll go for  nightwish!

quote of the day : ” Love conquers all” Virgil


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