West Side Drama…

west-side-storyBack on track. Movie number 7. West side freaking story! Released on 1961 it’s one of the most recent of our featured movies so far. I’ve been wanting to watch west side story for months now but the moment i saw the first scene i would turn the computer off! It’s a great musical with amazing songs and music. But i wasn’t all that excited… i don’t know if it was the accent, the bad acting or the only-good-for-dancing supporting actors but west side story besides being a romantic romeo and juliet offspring it was …weird most of the time…

The plot. Eventhough i think i already “spoiled” it by saying romeo and juliet… In the streets of New York somewhere in a “deserted” ghetto the streets are ruled by two gangs, the Jets led by Riff  and the Sharks  led by Bernardo. The Jets are your stereotypical xenophobic americans and the Sharks are your stereotypical “poor boys from poor families who need no sympathy” Puerto Ricans… They hate each other, in addition they’re all immature,yes even the 30-year olds…. In a dance in which both gangs adressed, Maria, Bernardo’s little sister, and Tony,former-yet sentimental leader of the Jetts, meet. They instantaneously fell madly in love and started dancing. Maria’s brother disapproves and recalls her back to “the casa” immediatly…That same night he receives a fight request from Riff. In that fight in his attempt to stop the fighting and unite the rivaling gangs Tony gets involved and kills Bernardo,after Bernardo had killed Riff… Maria soon forgives him and wants to help him not get caught… Buuut,situations evolve and before you know it Rom…Tony is killed by Chino, the man Bernado wanted to give to Maria… Maria then falls into despair and threatens to kill as many people as she can and then kill herself. And boom! the twist,she doesn’t. She tells them that all that has happened because of their stupid hatred and she leaves ready to fight for the union of the two gangs…

Well now that i think about it, if you get used to the accent and the bad acting of some of the dancers-actors the choreography is amazing-perfect coordination- and the story isn’t that unoriginal,i mean..she lives!! But enyway i liked the meaning behind all that. Like in Romeo and Juliet it’s shown that hate and stubborness can’t get you enywhere… that you should stop hating and start loving,while you still can because at some point,after many years of never-ending hating,you won’t be able to stop and life is too short to spend it hating,spend it loving and having fun, and all that… If the Jetts and the Sharks weren’t fighting like babies for who’s gonna get the streets for themselves, Maria/Juliet whould be with Tony/Romeo and have lived happily ever after…

Well,that’s it for today. It’s time to listen to…Fleetwood mac. Landslide,songbird,don’t stop,go your own way,i don’t want to know are some of my favourite fleetwood mac songs. Make them yours!

quotes of the day : “Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible.” Dalai Lama        “My religeon is very simple.My religeon is kindness.” Dalai Lama


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