A fresh start! I’m back! Yay! … Don’t read,it’s boring…

Ok you know what? I like blogging and I’m not gonna let a small set-back avert me from blogging again! So what if I didn’t meet my deadline and lost the list of movies I made and lost touch with the blogging community and I have no recolletion of the movies I watched in the past year,huh? And who cares that I’ve seen many interesting ones I could write about and…

Ooops,sorry about that. Had a moment back here….


This is awkward…kepa-yay-flags

Ok ok I got it. Starting from today my blog will be about,well, me. My life,my  experiences,my likes,my dislikes and all the stupid people I’ll probably bump into! But I won’t get TOO personal,because,you know…my sex life is preeeetty wild! Hahaha haha ha….No,it’s not funny…
While I’m at it I might also try to remember about the things I did in the past year! So,get this. I’ll post about what I do at the moment AND what I did while I was away…!

I’ll keep educating you on music so look forward to that… What else..? Oh yes. There’s this list,of 100 books you should supposedely read,published by BBC and currently being covered by a very special,funny and interesting lady called Emily(check her out here http://emilyjanuary.wordpress.com/  ). Basically, I’ll read as many as I can and keep you updated!

And that’s it. Don’t forget to check out the band Muse,pretty well know just listening to one of their songs right now, Knights of Cydonia, also listen to Uprising, Starlight,New Born and Hysteria…

Quote of the day : “Everything has beauty,but not everyone sees it.” Confucius

some john


About somejohn

Hi. My name is John. It's a really exotic name given to me by my hippie parents. It's caused me to become cynical, sarcastic, short-tempered and socially impaired. Let's have fun together, shall we?! View all posts by somejohn

4 responses to “A fresh start! I’m back! Yay! … Don’t read,it’s boring…

  • lessonsbyheart

    I took a fresh run at blogging this year after a four year hiatus. It’s been a wild ride since I began on March 26.

    People don’t care what you know until they know that you care, so to write about yourself is a great idea. It helps people connect with you on an emotional level…just sayin’! 😉

    Best wishes for your endeavor. May your popularity number soar this year. 🙂 (I began with 426 hits…after four years. Today the number is about 14,000! If I can do it, so can you.)

    Praising Jesus who gives us something to talk about!

  • somejohn

    Yeah,I went into a hiatus too,but I’ve decided that I’ll get back in the game! 🙂 Blogging’s great,hope I’ll get to 14K hits too,one day 😉
    thanks so much for your feedback:)

  • lessonsbyheart

    Anytime! Love the photo. You’ve depicted “awkward” very well! 🙂


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