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Smartphones: Heaven or Refuge

I know what you’ll say. Refuge.

You see, I LOVE technology as much as the next internet addict but there are some things that bother me when it comes to human relations.

I was going to the supermarket today and while I was listening to 3EB rocking it as always, I saw this kid walking by with his jacket on and one of his sleeves was in his left pocket. He was missing an arm.

Quickly after I had finished feeling sorry for him and having my heart break from all the struggles he must be facing blah blah blah, I noticed something. He was texting. There you have it. A 7 yo one-armed kid using its sole remaining arm to text his friends in the middle of the street without paying attention to where he was going. When did we get to this? Back in the good old days us kids would pile up the hay and go lose our arms in war; or have our expertism  on simple math calculations questioned by a sarcastic, sadistic talking book; not text in the middle of an intersection! texting

My friends would rather play Candy Crash(which alone opens up a whole new can of socially dysfunctional worms) than pay attention to a class which, according to my opinion, is pure genius.

While we’re at it, since when have smiling dogs and huge-throbbing-red-emoji hearts replaced actual sentiments of love?! Do we use them to fake something that isn’t there or have we learned that this is how we express love now? Talking about emojis; a picture can be worth a thousand words but since when do we need a thousand words to express love, or sadness, or boredom or excitement? Just how much enrichment does an conversation between two friends need, anyway?!

Don’t watch Event Horizon. That movie is bad and not in a good way.

Listen to disco. t makes everything seem better. Just google disco, it’ll know what to do.

Quote of the day: “I hate emojis” SomeJohn.