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Good hypocrisy, bad hypocrisy.

I am always late. So much so, that I can’t even deny it! Can’t even play around the bush and say it’s the weather, or the traffic, or the stars! Mercury was retrograde, or some shit. I’m so constantly late I can’t even deny it like a normal person! But it’s not always my fault… I mean, how are you supposed to be at school at 8 sharp when studying sometimes keeps you awake till late in the morning?! Even if you go to sleep before midnight(which is… a struggle!… to say the least) you should be up by 6 or 7 which only leaves us with 6 or 7  hours of sleep, best case scenario… And then, you have all those make-believe scientists telling you should be sleeping for at least 8 hours every night!
Oh is that so Mr. Scientist? And how on earth am I supposed to do that? And them dumb teachers buy into that bullcrap as well!
“Sleep well kids, sleeping is good for you! Feeds your brain, stores memory blah blah blugh!” Such hypocrites! Punishing us for being late yet still pretending we should be getting enough sleep as well. And keep up. And be social. And have hobbies. In what magical time-stopping fairy land are they living anyways?! I want in!

Hypocrisy. Gets into my nerves. Can’t stand it. Some times it’s awfully obvious too! Like in the “night sleep paradox”. (It’ll catch on… “Night Sleep Paradox“. I like it!) They say it’ll be good for you if you slept more yet do anything in their power to prevent you from doing so. What’s the harm in starting school 1 hour later and leaving an hour later?! None. End of discussion!

To me, hypocrisy arises from our need to lie to ourselves. We want to believe we’re better people than we actually are. We [want to] believe we’re good Christians, yet we judge and steal and hate and kill and cheat and envy and…
We ask our kids to behave themselves when we can’t even control our road-rage. We preach about right and wrong and lecture other people and then go ahead and make the same mistakes.

Still, I wonder… is it so bad wanting to believe you’re a better human than you actually are? Would someone who truly realized and acknowledged what a disgusting, hateful, lying, vile person they can be, even get the strength to get out of bed?
Would they take it upon themselves to pursue love and invite another person to their mess? Is maybe introspection… overrated? Are we maybe supposed to overlook our own bads, faults, mistakes, flaws, in order to finally… survive? Survive yourself and survive the race for reproduction even? Is hypocrisy favored by natural selection? Is it an evolutionary trait that Homo s. possesses ?!(Pun intended)
Could there be, then, two kinds of hypocrisy?! A good kind of hypocrisy; the one that helps us survive, socialize, live with ourselves, sort “good” people through the crowd and finally feel good and get up and move on; and a bad kind, one that hurts others, affects them, harms them and messes with their lives? And what is the line between the two? Who can see the line and not cross it?!
Hey you. You who can see it… Where are you? I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Please. Show me the damned line.

Quote of the day: ” Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness” Martin Luther King Jr.

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Is judgement a force of nature?!


I hate judgement. I hate the look people give you when they judge you. I hate the Sunday-school lectures they give every time your way isn’t their way. I hate it when I do something, or I am certain way and someone else sees that as a flaw to be corrected, a jab to be thrown, a wall to be repainted. I like my black corners and my water marks, mind your own business, kind sir. Do I tell you how to paint your walls and live your life?! But, I wonder, do these people know they create feelings inside you that could eventually build up into a good old homicide, or are they just being …themselves?

That makes me wonder… Why do we judge?
Is it to make ourselves feel better,bigger, stronger, superior or is it just a habit? Is judgement taught? Can it be untaught?
And what would that take?
Love is the most powerful weapon; so would it take a huge, core-shaking, big love to change a judgmental person?!
And if yes, what can you do; you the random victim, the vagabond who simply finds himself between the “before” and “after” of this transformation? Is it like dating an ugly person? I mean, like when you date an ugly woman and then you make her more cocky and harder for others to pick up… If you attack and confront a judgmental… I’ll say it, prick… do you make things better or worse?
How could you handle the situation, the array of rules and “musts” of another person, if not by confrontation?

One thing you’re not supposed to confront and fight is a natural disaster. Could “judgement” be like a natural disaster? Could it be   that we’re not supposed to fight or argue with it but just… endure it?! philippines-typhoon-haiyan-2013

A tsunami you endure by “going high”… How is a life-choice correcting seminar endured?!
Surely you’re not supposed to overeact. Or correct the other person, because that’s just hypocritical, you correct someone who’s trying to correct you?! Am I the only one who sees the irony in that?!
You can’t ignore them, that’s rude. You can’t explain to them why you’re like that, they could never understand; they’re different and if they could understand they wouldn’t be trying to correct you in the first place!

Let’s reflect back on our favorite prophet here, none other than the Christian god Jesus Christ, son of El and Mary who famously said: “Love thy neighbor and their dog Rufus who barks in the middle of the night”. According to our spiritual leader here what you’re supposed to do is to… take it, sprinkle love all over it and give it back to them because you don’t need it.

And I think he’s precisely correct. Why bother wasting your time on every insecure, selfish, jerk-faced, back-stabbing hoe-bag who thinks she’s got all the truths of this world figured out, when you can just politely say: “I think you might be right, I’ll try and change that, but don’t expect much now!” or “I get what you’re saying and I see where you’re coming from but I really like my walls that way and they don’t bother me in the least… so I think I might stick with this color[ and if I get tired of it I might just change it, like you said]”
or the good old fashioned “Fuck you, nobody asked for your opinion, you can keep it in your sock-drawer”

Quote of the day: “Be kind to one another” Ellen DeGeneres

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