Greetings from Midgard.

Ellen’s been posting about this on Facebook and tweeter for some time now,I tried it and I gotta say, putting RedBull on your coffee is not that bad… you’re just drinking one coffe instead of two…of course you have to finish the rest of the can so it’s basically one can and a coffee,but irregardless…not as bad. I also cooked today. Pasta with ratatouille out of a can. I’m gourmet,bitch.

After having filled myself with caffeine I went to this A-mazing website one of my best friends, “I”, suggested.  It’s called coursera and what you do there is take free courses online about anything you like…! I know right?! How amazing is this? I took rock history and Hollywood history(of some sort,it’s basically a movie club). Not only do you get to enrich your CV but it’s pretty interesting too! So I’m really looking forward to that,hoping I can finish those AND to not fall behind on my actual studies… I’ll update you on that later!

I also remembered this great movie a friend of mine,”N”,was talking “aboat”,it’s called “I’m so excited” by Almodovar and the theme is as gay as the title so I thought it’d be fun to check it out! I’m planning on watching “Bringing Up Baby”(1938) too, from a Modern Family episode I just watched (that Alex! She uses words like facetious in her everyday life,so amazing!) The movie is supposed to be this light comedy with Cary Grant so that’d be fun!enhanced-buzz-4833-1313357585-3

While we’re on the topic of changing topics, this great friend of mine, and easily one of the coolest people ever, showed me this photo today saying how Odin promised to defeat all the Ice Giants and how there are no Ice Giants around. That’s when it hit me and I realized the truth. I saw the big picture and suddenly everything was clear to me. It hit me harder than Thelma and Louise hit the bottom of that cliff….!  My name is now Eric the Red and I believe in the Norse Gods. So there’s that.

I also plan to start working out again. Wish me luck and pray to Odin for me, ’cause I’m laaaaa-zy.!

I love sharing music with y’all(sorry,like I said, too much ellen) so today we’re going to talk about Kevin,I mean Churchil,the band. Unfortunately they’ve been disbanded so get your hipster on and listen to their best songs, “The War Within”, Happy Sad” and “Change”. And Just because it’s only 3 songs….oh I know, Hey Rosetta – “Yet Spring” and the best of the Ramones!! ( Bop and I Wanna be Sedated)

P.S. “I”,I still can’t get that song Milkshake out of my head…

Quote of the day : “Once, mankind accepted a simple truth: that they were not alone in this universe. Some worlds man believed home to their Gods. Others they knew to fear. From around the cold and darkness came the Frost Giants, threatening to plunge the mortal world into a new ice age.” Odin


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Shallow commentary of 2 of the most amazing books ever written…

Good morning readers, today I’d like to talk to you about a couple of books I read recently…

Firstly, “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee(1960). The book is extremely famous and now a classic, also made into a movie,so I’m not even gonna try write a review…! What I really liked about it was its casual narrating,although I found it was being very trivial at times,overemphasizing on seemingly unimportant event and faces only to focus on its “real” plot very late in the book… The trial…

I have done a lot of research on black history,I’ve read a lot about it and seen many movies and documentaries on the matter so I know how things were and what was going on, so the book didn’t shock me (spoiler alert : since it talks about the conviction of a black man for the crime of a white one) on the contrary, it made me feel delighted about where we stand on this matter today…

Another book I recently finished was “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck(1937).  For those of you who are not familiar with it, it’s sad. It’s a sad,sad book that’s gonna make your soul CRY. I might be exaggerating a little. Or maybe not, who’s to say?!

The title refers to the tragic figure of the book,Lennie, who’s this big Hagrid-like dinosaur-man with the brain of a toddler who likes,and I quote, “[…] to pet nice things with my fingers,sof’ things”. Ha ha no. He doesn’t mean that,silly. He means things like rabbits and mice and dead puppies and women’s hair… But he’s so strong, he kills the things he pets… Therefore the title. Although,I would rephrase it to “Of Dead : Mice and Men”

The book is great in depicting an inspiring friendship between two men, the one relying on the other,helping and keeping them company. Ultimately,what I got from this book,except for a hole in my chest that might never go away (haha just kidding…),is basically everything…From bullying,to friendship,to married life,to racism, to death and companionship this book talks about everything,for some there’s but a few mentions for other it’s the whole point of the book. But I wouldn’t like to bore you,just read it.

By the way,did you know that the word “boring” comes from the verb to bore which is the process of opening a whole in the barrel of a gun when making it ?! It’s a very slow job to do by hand and thus the term boring. When something is repetitive and time-consuming.

Done with Muse? Let’s fnd you something else….What about Paperlions and “don’t touch that dial”,lost the war” ? Feeling majestically generous, take Walk the Moon “Fixin” and “Tightpole”,too. You’re welcome!

P.S. I’m not that boring IRL, I swear.

Quote of the day ” I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.” Ellen DeGeneres


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A fresh start! I’m back! Yay! … Don’t read,it’s boring…

Ok you know what? I like blogging and I’m not gonna let a small set-back avert me from blogging again! So what if I didn’t meet my deadline and lost the list of movies I made and lost touch with the blogging community and I have no recolletion of the movies I watched in the past year,huh? And who cares that I’ve seen many interesting ones I could write about and…

Ooops,sorry about that. Had a moment back here….


This is awkward…kepa-yay-flags

Ok ok I got it. Starting from today my blog will be about,well, me. My life,my  experiences,my likes,my dislikes and all the stupid people I’ll probably bump into! But I won’t get TOO personal,because,you know…my sex life is preeeetty wild! Hahaha haha ha….No,it’s not funny…
While I’m at it I might also try to remember about the things I did in the past year! So,get this. I’ll post about what I do at the moment AND what I did while I was away…!

I’ll keep educating you on music so look forward to that… What else..? Oh yes. There’s this list,of 100 books you should supposedely read,published by BBC and currently being covered by a very special,funny and interesting lady called Emily(check her out here  ). Basically, I’ll read as many as I can and keep you updated!

And that’s it. Don’t forget to check out the band Muse,pretty well know just listening to one of their songs right now, Knights of Cydonia, also listen to Uprising, Starlight,New Born and Hysteria…

Quote of the day : “Everything has beauty,but not everyone sees it.” Confucius

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The Seagulls!

Movie number 9. Released in 1963 The Birds is by far the most Hilarious movie Hitchcock has made! I’m not kidding here, I’m still laughing every time I remember those seagulls pecking the kids to the ground or dragging them up a hill!! Or who can forget the “Photoshopped” birds inside the house? When the actors started going “NO little-harmless-bird-that’s-not-even-here-in-the-first-place,don’t “attack’ me!


” I’m not going to  elaborate on this… Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) is some kind of practical-joker and when one of her practical jokes backfires in a pet shop she decides to “embarrass” the man who spoiled her joke(Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor)) by delivering two lovebirds to him. Yeah… She finds out who he is and where he lives (stalker much!) and takes the birds to his house…or so she thinks. It turns out he’s very hard to find and she has to go through a lot of trouble in the small town where he spends his weekends. Meanwhile, in Bodega Bay, (that’s where she is) birds start to “viciously” attack people and scare them (they actually are a bit scary at first) but like one of Barney’s stories,things get surreal… Like I said, a group of seagulls attack a group of kids and they infiltrate a house by entering through the chimney,they fill the house  and attack everyone inside… to make a long story short,after a few more attack and a terrified Bodega Bay a wise old lady informs us that the attacks are nature’s revenge for what we’re doing to the environment… In the end the birds don’t stop,which is a very important thing about the movie meaning that once nature is angry it can’t stop until it delivers its message blah blah. The main characters escape Bodega Bay,though.Yay for them.

The movie is considered to be the first movieto tackle environmental issues which is big,and it also is a very good movie with a great message about respecting nature! …..     I get that,I just can’t keep from laughing every time I see it! The bird attacks are just outrageous! (lol face)! If you watch it, you’ll see what I mean…Oh those seagulls!

That was for today’s movie,Hitchcock and not just any Hitchcock,The Birds!You seriously should watch it, your opinion about it could be completely different from mine,e.g. my mom’s been scarred for life  because of that movie!
Now,the  music! Hmm… What about Celine Dion and some of the most legendary ballads of all time like “My Heart Will Go On” and “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” !? And if you remembered Celine by watching the Titanic 3D then I got Nightwish for you, I know I didn’t keep my promise about Nightwish but now it’s their time to shine! Everyone of their songs(or at least their most popular ones) are mandatory! (strict tone)
Quotes of the day are Hitchcock’s :”Revenge is sweet and not fattening.” and “The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture.”
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The Trouble With Killing People

Movie number 8. I think we neglected Hitchcock up until now  he’s great and all so i think i should do a few of his movies.

“The trouble with Harry” is that he’s dead. The movie (The Trouble With Harry) was released  in 1955 and it’s way ahead of it’s time if you ask me… The movie is an amazing example of black comedy,in fact if someone asks you to name a black comedy,that’s what you should say! Anyway, personally i find the movie to be very beautiful,funny and relaxing!Trouble With Harry Hitchcock pic 1

As i said, the trouble with Harry is that he’s dead. Not only that, but there’s many people in the small village in Vermont where he died who think they killed him and have no idea what to do with him!  Captain Albert Wiles (Edmund Gwenn) thinks he killed him by shooting him while hunting for rabbits,  the lovely Miss Ivy Gravely (Mildred Natwick) thinks he died by her boot, the beautiful Jennifer Rogers (Shirley MacLaine in her debut) thinks she killed him by hitting him with a bottle. It turns out Harry is Jennifer’s ex husband and she has no fellings whatsoever about him dying, “You can stuff him, for all I care. Stuff him and put him in a glass case, only I’d suggest frosted glass” she said!  The voice of  “reason”  seems  to be Sam Marlowe ( John Forsythe) an open-minded artist who helps these four with…whatever it is they want to do with Harry.

Harry was found fully dressed in the woods. He was then buried and dug out, hidden in a bathtub and left in the woods. Yet no one cares! But to everyone’s relief  Harry died of natural causes and was killed by none. All that while trying to conceal  Harry from the police. In the end Jennifer fell in love with Sam, and Miss Gravely with Captain Wiles.

What i liked most about this film (except the directing and acting) was the total apathy about the death of Harry. No one cares he’s dead, they just don’t want to go to jail for it , on top of that they care more about their personal affairs than they do about Harry! An other funny thing is Jennifer’s son’s confusion concerning the days of the week(obviously they didn’t have Rebecca Black back then to teach them those things…) and his confusion about the words today,tomorrow and yesterday!

The movie is just amazing and i think everyone should watch regardless of age,taste,height,weight,era,sexual orientation  etc..

Quotes of the day “Drama is life with the dull parts cut out” Alfred Hitchcock and     “If it’s a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.” Alfred Hitchcock


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West Side Drama…

west-side-storyBack on track. Movie number 7. West side freaking story! Released on 1961 it’s one of the most recent of our featured movies so far. I’ve been wanting to watch west side story for months now but the moment i saw the first scene i would turn the computer off! It’s a great musical with amazing songs and music. But i wasn’t all that excited… i don’t know if it was the accent, the bad acting or the only-good-for-dancing supporting actors but west side story besides being a romantic romeo and juliet offspring it was …weird most of the time…

The plot. Eventhough i think i already “spoiled” it by saying romeo and juliet… In the streets of New York somewhere in a “deserted” ghetto the streets are ruled by two gangs, the Jets led by Riff  and the Sharks  led by Bernardo. The Jets are your stereotypical xenophobic americans and the Sharks are your stereotypical “poor boys from poor families who need no sympathy” Puerto Ricans… They hate each other, in addition they’re all immature,yes even the 30-year olds…. In a dance in which both gangs adressed, Maria, Bernardo’s little sister, and Tony,former-yet sentimental leader of the Jetts, meet. They instantaneously fell madly in love and started dancing. Maria’s brother disapproves and recalls her back to “the casa” immediatly…That same night he receives a fight request from Riff. In that fight in his attempt to stop the fighting and unite the rivaling gangs Tony gets involved and kills Bernardo,after Bernardo had killed Riff… Maria soon forgives him and wants to help him not get caught… Buuut,situations evolve and before you know it Rom…Tony is killed by Chino, the man Bernado wanted to give to Maria… Maria then falls into despair and threatens to kill as many people as she can and then kill herself. And boom! the twist,she doesn’t. She tells them that all that has happened because of their stupid hatred and she leaves ready to fight for the union of the two gangs…

Well now that i think about it, if you get used to the accent and the bad acting of some of the dancers-actors the choreography is amazing-perfect coordination- and the story isn’t that unoriginal,i mean..she lives!! But enyway i liked the meaning behind all that. Like in Romeo and Juliet it’s shown that hate and stubborness can’t get you enywhere… that you should stop hating and start loving,while you still can because at some point,after many years of never-ending hating,you won’t be able to stop and life is too short to spend it hating,spend it loving and having fun, and all that… If the Jetts and the Sharks weren’t fighting like babies for who’s gonna get the streets for themselves, Maria/Juliet whould be with Tony/Romeo and have lived happily ever after…

Well,that’s it for today. It’s time to listen to…Fleetwood mac. Landslide,songbird,don’t stop,go your own way,i don’t want to know are some of my favourite fleetwood mac songs. Make them yours!

quotes of the day : “Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible.” Dalai Lama        “My religeon is very simple.My religeon is kindness.” Dalai Lama


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Bet you wannna be a loser like me…

Yeah,you guessed correctly once again,I’ve been watching glee. This time there’ll be no movie cause i feel that i should talk about something different. Hatez skip off. Like,right now, this one’s not for you! You won’t like it… Seriously,go…!
Now fellow gleeks, let’s talk glee. I recently started watching glee (already finished it twice) and even-though grey’s anatomy still stands as my favorite show on t.v.,glee comes second with grey’s anatomy winning by default…

I’ve found my self identifying with many characters and situations happening in glee as well as songs, like mercedes’ not having a boyfriend for 43 episodes cause nobody thinks of her in a romantic way or Kurt’s problem with bullying or…or…or… and i dare say that by watching glee i have been changed for good, and who can say if  I’ve been changed for the better? First of all I’m soo happy that I’ve come to knowing and respecting so many new songs,artists,musicals and bands as well as actors and script writers( ill be assigning you with way better bands than i had originally intended to)…Wicked, Gypsy, Cats, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Paramore, queen, barbra, celine, billy idol, neil diamond are just a few of the many artists and shows I’ve come to adore in the past few weeks and i think I’ll keep it that way for a very very long time…

Also, while we’re praising i should talk about the characters….Lea Michele with her amazing performance and Rachel with her undying passion for pursuing her dream have really motivated me,and I’m not easily motivated,it’s happened like 6-8 times before, in my whole life! I’m a bit hesitant for saying this but Kurt and bullying, i feel that too. I have always been very sensitive about teasing,bullying and calling people names and this show’s depictions of high school bullying made a real impact on me,and I’ve been way more sensitive about these thing… And then there’s Sue!!  Oh,sweet Sue how i don’t identify with you but… i can say you’re hilarious as h*ll! She’s funnier than the whole cast of big bang theory,and that’s saying something! Jane Lynch deserves every awards she’s won!

Well that was it for glee! I could go on for days talking about it but frankly, I get bored too easiy… I hope you agree with me and if you don’t I’d love to hear your comments on that, since the comment section on my blog’s like a space,empty! Don’t be afraid to tell me you don’t like something i say!

What to assign to you…since jun is already over i would say you take… journey,most featured band in glee singing some 0f the best songs I’ve ever heard. “Any way you want it”, “Don’t stop believing” and “faithfully” are mandatory, the rest are just a must… that’s it for now!

quotes of the day :  Sue: I’m gonna make it a habit to not stop and talk to students because this has been a colossal waste of my time.    and
Sue: I might buy a small diaper for your chin, because it looks like a baby’s ass.


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(PS all rights go to the appropriate companies and individuals,and no I’m not an advertiser)