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“The stuff that dreams are made of…”

Movie number 3. The Maltese falcon. It’s a mystery film noir. Release date 1941, the only time when the main character (Humphrey Bogart) can call a woman “angel”, “precious” and “sweetheart” and get away with it. In this movie everything’s about the money. Even Bogart’s main motive seems to be money(even though i hardly think so, he’s supposed to be the good guy, isn’t he?).

OK let’s start with the plot shall we? Two private investigators, Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) and Miles Archer, (Jerome Cowan) receive a woman’s cry for help. Her sister has gone away with someone named Thursbymaltese1-copy so she wants them to find them. Archer follows her, because she was supposed to meet Thursby and talk about the whole situation. Both him and Thursby are found dead that same night. Starting there Sam Spade tries to find his partner’s murderer. After that incident the movie takes a weird course…We learn that that client is not what she seems, other characters appear also, like Peter Lorre(whom i really don’t like as an actor,sorry fans) and a romance begins between Brigid O’Shaughnessy,the client’s true name, and Spade. But i don’t think that the movie is romantic in any way shape or form.I’m rumbling,anyway…everything seems to be happening because everyone and especially Gutman (Sydney Greenstreet), I’m sure you remember him from Casablanca, wants a small falcon statuette worth millions.Another very interesting character is Spade’s secretary,his right hand. She’s a character that always keeps you wonder if she has anything to do with the falcon,but in everyone’s disappointment,she doesn’t. She’s just too nice to be true.

What i really liked was the atmosphere of this movie and i believe that the fact that the falcon descended from the Knights Templar (the most interesting part of  history,if you ask me) gave the movie a little something special.

It’s definitely a movie worth watching if you’re interested in seeing what movies looked like back in the 40s and also why movies look the way the look today! It teaches you something Spade never learned,to choose your lovers wisely and not to dwell in solitude, like he did…

Today you’re gonna listen to some of my favorites, “come together”,”in my life” and “sweet little sixteen”

quote of the day “God has given you one face ,and you make yourself another” William Shakespeare


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