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Lessons learned so far: Don’t be fucking lazy.

Hey guys and gals! How are you doing? Are you having a good hair-day? I hope you are! I’ve been doing OK myself…
I wanted to make this amazing(well, good at least) series of posts a few weeks back. Unfortunately in required a lot of time that I simply didn’t have… It’ll happen too,just not as soon as I would have wanted it to…

School’s been going good though! I’ve met some very beautiful and interesting people I’m going out with them in an hour from now..! Hope I’ll have the time to shower. We also do archeo-anthropology at school which is something I’ve always found interesting so I really enjoy it! Did you know the first human-like species appeared 3 million years ago? Stupid as a box of rocks compared to us but still human! I’m also thinking of reading a book on the subject for my English class!

One of the reasons I couldn’t write so much was because I was very absorbed with all the new music I’ve been listening too. And on top f that, I’m infinitely lazy. Go figure… I’m surprised I manage to do anything at all. Hell! I’m surprised I’m even writing this! You know what music genre is amazing?! Rock ‘n’ Roll! Now, don’t go saying “Oh course! Everyone know that!” just yet! You have to really get invested in rock ‘n’ roll to really appreciate it… You can’t just say you like “Viva Las Vegas” an think you know rock ‘n’ roll. I’m not even saying that I do know most rock ‘n’ roll songs! Knowing rock ‘n’ roll means to realize that it’s just white blues with an upbeat style and guitar! Buddy Holly,Chuck Berry, theĀ  Everly Brothers,Roy Orbison are just some of the artists I’ve been listening to lately.
After that I took the Beates up. Chronologicaly. If you’re lucky I can probably tell you the year of release of most of their albums!

Another thing I haven’t been doing is watching movies. It’s what’s got me really worried. I love movies. There’s not enough time in a lifetime to watch all the movies I want to watch! Then why u no watch movies? I don’t know… The reason actually why I can’t write to you the posts I told you about is actually because They have to do with me watching a bunch of movies…! Anyways, I hope I’ll get back to it. I’ve watched 7 seasons of Futurama though! It’s good stuff, thinking about starting it again…!

Quote of the day: “After silence, that which comes closer to expressing the inexpressible is music” Aldous Huxley

Songs of the day “Build me up buttercup” (Oh watch the highway sing-a-long video by TJ Smith on youtube) and “Baby now that I’ve found you” both by the Foundations.

P.S. Fun Fact: If we were friends I’d be that one friend who always lip-sings whatever he listens to on his mp3.