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Everything is not…what it seems.

cary-in-arsenic-and-old-lace-cary-grant-1674115059Movie number 4.  Arsenic and old lace. Now here’s a great comedy. A movie I’m sure you all know. It’s another movie with Peter Lorre so you can imagine my “excitement”. Even so, the movie’s sooo good, it didn’t even bother me. Released in 1944 starring Cary Grant, Priscilla Lane, Jack Carson, Raymond Masey and of course, Peter Lorre.  Now to the plot.

A movie/theater critic Mortimer Brewster,known for his books and opinions about marriage(he’s against it)  is found getting married on the first scene of the movie. Then he goes to Brooklyn to tell the good news to his favorite aunts who raised and cherished him, Martha and Abby Brewster (Jean Adair and Josephine Hull). But he soon finds out his aunts’ contribution to society… since  they’re very kind and like helping people, they kill lonely old men to put them out of their “misery”, 12 men to be exact.Yet again,you’ve guessed right, the aunts are as crazy as Hannibal Lecter and as cute as the Easter bunny. Mortimer freaks out,the aunts find it completely normal to keep doing what they do and their other nephew(who thinks he’s teddy Roosevelt) is charged with burying the “victims” on the cellar( which he was told that it’s the Panama canal and that the old men are yellow fever victims). If you think it’s crazy enough as it is, wait until Mortimer’s brother Jonathan (a sadistic serial killer counting 12 victims himself) returns to Brooklyn after many years of “traveling” to hide from the authorities. In this complicated situation Mortimer wants to save his aunts from going to prison, send his cousin to a home(because he thinks he’s teddy Roosevelt), get rid of his brother and keep his wife from leaving him….But everything seems to work out in the end, and everyone went to where they belonged…

“Teddy’s” line is my favorite. “Chaaaaaarge” he says as he climbs up the stairs. Jean Adair’s,Josephine Hull’s and Cary Grant’s performances are fantastic and very enjoyable to watch. I give it a thumbs up and a golden star! Hope you enjoy it as much as i did…

This movie is a very good example of how different people are in comparison  to the way they look. Take the Brewster sister for example. They were respected and beloved member of their community but in the inside not only were they crazy but cold murderers as well! What i’m trying to say is, you can never tell about a person by just looking at them,or even talking to them. Unfortunately, you have to get to know people, live them through the hard stuff and the easy stuff to be able to have an opinion….Listen to “Here comes the sun”, ‘dear prudence” and “we can work it out” and don’t forget to listen to each of their songs before the month is out cause march is bon jovi month!

quote of the day ” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results” Albert Einstein


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