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Good hypocrisy, bad hypocrisy.

I am always late. So much so, that I can’t even deny it! Can’t even play around the bush and say it’s the weather, or the traffic, or the stars! Mercury was retrograde, or some shit. I’m so constantly late I can’t even deny it like a normal person! But it’s not always my fault… I mean, how are you supposed to be at school at 8 sharp when studying sometimes keeps you awake till late in the morning?! Even if you go to sleep before midnight(which is… a struggle!… to say the least) you should be up by 6 or 7 which only leaves us with 6 or 7  hours of sleep, best case scenario… And then, you have all those make-believe scientists telling you should be sleeping for at least 8 hours every night!
Oh is that so Mr. Scientist? And how on earth am I supposed to do that? And them dumb teachers buy into that bullcrap as well!
“Sleep well kids, sleeping is good for you! Feeds your brain, stores memory blah blah blugh!” Such hypocrites! Punishing us for being late yet still pretending we should be getting enough sleep as well. And keep up. And be social. And have hobbies. In what magical time-stopping fairy land are they living anyways?! I want in!

Hypocrisy. Gets into my nerves. Can’t stand it. Some times it’s awfully obvious too! Like in the “night sleep paradox”. (It’ll catch on… “Night Sleep Paradox“. I like it!) They say it’ll be good for you if you slept more yet do anything in their power to prevent you from doing so. What’s the harm in starting school 1 hour later and leaving an hour later?! None. End of discussion!

To me, hypocrisy arises from our need to lie to ourselves. We want to believe we’re better people than we actually are. We [want to] believe we’re good Christians, yet we judge and steal and hate and kill and cheat and envy and…
We ask our kids to behave themselves when we can’t even control our road-rage. We preach about right and wrong and lecture other people and then go ahead and make the same mistakes.

Still, I wonder… is it so bad wanting to believe you’re a better human than you actually are? Would someone who truly realized and acknowledged what a disgusting, hateful, lying, vile person they can be, even get the strength to get out of bed?
Would they take it upon themselves to pursue love and invite another person to their mess? Is maybe introspection… overrated? Are we maybe supposed to overlook our own bads, faults, mistakes, flaws, in order to finally… survive? Survive yourself and survive the race for reproduction even? Is hypocrisy favored by natural selection? Is it an evolutionary trait that Homo s. possesses ?!(Pun intended)
Could there be, then, two kinds of hypocrisy?! A good kind of hypocrisy; the one that helps us survive, socialize, live with ourselves, sort “good” people through the crowd and finally feel good and get up and move on; and a bad kind, one that hurts others, affects them, harms them and messes with their lives? And what is the line between the two? Who can see the line and not cross it?!
Hey you. You who can see it… Where are you? I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Please. Show me the damned line.

Quote of the day: ” Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness” Martin Luther King Jr.

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Is judgement a force of nature?!


I hate judgement. I hate the look people give you when they judge you. I hate the Sunday-school lectures they give every time your way isn’t their way. I hate it when I do something, or I am certain way and someone else sees that as a flaw to be corrected, a jab to be thrown, a wall to be repainted. I like my black corners and my water marks, mind your own business, kind sir. Do I tell you how to paint your walls and live your life?! But, I wonder, do these people know they create feelings inside you that could eventually build up into a good old homicide, or are they just being …themselves?

That makes me wonder… Why do we judge?
Is it to make ourselves feel better,bigger, stronger, superior or is it just a habit? Is judgement taught? Can it be untaught?
And what would that take?
Love is the most powerful weapon; so would it take a huge, core-shaking, big love to change a judgmental person?!
And if yes, what can you do; you the random victim, the vagabond who simply finds himself between the “before” and “after” of this transformation? Is it like dating an ugly person? I mean, like when you date an ugly woman and then you make her more cocky and harder for others to pick up… If you attack and confront a judgmental… I’ll say it, prick… do you make things better or worse?
How could you handle the situation, the array of rules and “musts” of another person, if not by confrontation?

One thing you’re not supposed to confront and fight is a natural disaster. Could “judgement” be like a natural disaster? Could it be   that we’re not supposed to fight or argue with it but just… endure it?! philippines-typhoon-haiyan-2013

A tsunami you endure by “going high”… How is a life-choice correcting seminar endured?!
Surely you’re not supposed to overeact. Or correct the other person, because that’s just hypocritical, you correct someone who’s trying to correct you?! Am I the only one who sees the irony in that?!
You can’t ignore them, that’s rude. You can’t explain to them why you’re like that, they could never understand; they’re different and if they could understand they wouldn’t be trying to correct you in the first place!

Let’s reflect back on our favorite prophet here, none other than the Christian god Jesus Christ, son of El and Mary who famously said: “Love thy neighbor and their dog Rufus who barks in the middle of the night”. According to our spiritual leader here what you’re supposed to do is to… take it, sprinkle love all over it and give it back to them because you don’t need it.

And I think he’s precisely correct. Why bother wasting your time on every insecure, selfish, jerk-faced, back-stabbing hoe-bag who thinks she’s got all the truths of this world figured out, when you can just politely say: “I think you might be right, I’ll try and change that, but don’t expect much now!” or “I get what you’re saying and I see where you’re coming from but I really like my walls that way and they don’t bother me in the least… so I think I might stick with this color[ and if I get tired of it I might just change it, like you said]”
or the good old fashioned “Fuck you, nobody asked for your opinion, you can keep it in your sock-drawer”

Quote of the day: “Be kind to one another” Ellen DeGeneres

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Say it before it’s too late…

Sorry for the long pause oh great ocean of readers. Movie number 5. It happened one night. Actually there were nights… first of all this might be  very classic,but please sympathize with me for not having seen it…  first  impressions: it’s really obvious that the movie’s old, 1934…

Ellie( Claudette Colbert) a spoiled heiress escapes from her father and heads back to her husband,in new york. to do so she has to jump off her father’s yacht, get in a bus,meet a reporter (Clark Gable) and fall in love with him…   Well to be precise the reporter’s name is Peter Warne and he’s looking for a big  juicy story for his newspaper,so the runaway-bride is just what he needed…being distant at first but yet caring he begins to feel something for her too…Along the way they behave like a married couple and many comic incidents occur until the big twist… the night she tells him she loves him he somewhat rejects her and leaves their motel room to find some money and run way with her….but fate’s got other plans. Ellie is found by her father and brought back home…now’s where it gets even more interesting. Her father who’s surprisingly modern for his time,not only doesn’t he like her daughter’s husband (whom she’s to remarry) but he talks with Peter to find out about how he feels. After Peter confesses his love,Ellie’s father tells her that and she leaves in the middle of the wedding to go find her Peter…..and of course that’s the way it was supposed to end… but until then Ellie’s ego was going wild thinking that Peter didn’t love her… a romantic movie indeed…225px-Gable_ithapponepm_poster

Don’t forget that possibly every movie concerning a runaway daughter/bride must have it’s origins here… what really caught my eye about this movie was that moments after she found out that Peter loves her,she left in the middle of the ceremony, just when she was to say I do, and ran to Peter…this made me realise how simple and complicated we can be …all she needed to reject her husband,abandon her guests and make a fuss on the media was an “I love you too”.

That’s all we need, “i love you too” and we can leave our husbands/wives/jobs/countries/boyfriends/girlfriends/parents/social statuses etc… “I love you too”,that’s all we need…

I’m a man who keeps his promise so I present you…..bon jovi! for you rookies I suggest “always”, I’ll be there for you” and “you give love a bad name”. And to you old fans have a nice time daydreaming!

quote ” Did you say it? ” I love you.I don’t ever want to live without you. You changed my life.” Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it,but every now and then,look around. Drink it in ’cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow…”  Grey’s Anatomy – Meredith Grey


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Nazis are everywhere!

The_African_Queen,_BogartMovie number two. The African Queen. Very interesting movie on how two people who wouldn’t even talk to each other under different circumstances, can fall in love. For those of you who don’t know about it, we’re in the world war 2,yet again in Africa, this is totally coincidental. The Nazis attack and burn a native village in  which Rosie (Katharine Hepburn) is teaching Christianity. After that she escapes along with Charlie (Humphrey Bogart),who was simply delivering the mail. On their way they want to do something to help their country, so they decide to ram the Louisa,a nazi ship on central Africa. And of course they fall in love while trying to do so….

A sensational movie that teaches us that love is blind and that it conqueres all. At least that’s what i can come up with cause this is a great romantic comedy,a must-see  classic. Don’t forget that Bogart was awarded with his only academy award for leading actor for his performance in the African Queen. Bogart’s sloppy appearence and Katharine’s british attitude make for a hilarious combination.

Today’s songs are “I’ve just seen a face” and “Maxwell’s silver hammer”. Enjoy the Beatles while they last cause next month it’s bon jovi!

quote of the day “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal” MLK


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Project Hollywood

Yeah,you heard me. Project Hollywood. I have found about 100 classic movies i’ve either never watched or would gladly watch again and decided to watch them all until August 4rth 2012, my birthday. I know it’s a long time and I’m not sure if i’ ll make it. Some of those movies are  in chronological order and some are not…. A movie I recently watched (again) was” the sisterhood of the traveling pants” and it reminded me that when you have a fight, it doesn’t matter if you’re right, but what you say…that’s just something i wanted to share with you…

Movie number one : The English patient. I liked it. It’s a very sweet movie. It takes place in WW 2 and it’s the story of a man who getts amnesia after a plane accident that got him crippled  and burned. His story is this : he  meets a woman with whom he gets involved with and they fall madly in love . Many tragedies occur and we see World War 2 in all it’s “glory” so the romance is sometimes shadowed by cut fingers and forbidden lovers… Only thing i didn’t understand was how the leading characters fell in love. There was no “get-to-know” scene or anything like that… maybe the writers found the film would become too long that way,still i didn’t like that there’s no explainable reason why they got together… she was married for cryin’ out loud!the-english-patient-662831l

Anyway… the English patient,although a bit boring at the beginning, is definitely one of the best movies out there and a movie to watch. I give it a thumbs up!

I also thank it  for reminding me of Fred Astaire’s “cheek to cheek” which really made my week!

Talking of songs i haven’t told you about the band/artists tribute i’ ll be paying, have i? Well to make long story short, this month’s band is the Beatles. Listen to their best hits, their least know songs, become a full grown Beatles fan until the end of the month… First you listen to “yesterday”.              That’s it for now, but before i go…..

Quote of the day “Get mad, then get over it”  Colin Powell


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Holding out for a hero…

 We’ve had fantasies and dreams since we were young, our imagination was going wild about castles,dragons,knights and princesses. Talking cars,becoming astronauts and ballerinas. We were on fire… But as we grew up,even crazier dreams came to the surface,for girls was Prince Charming who’s gonna sweep them off their feet. For us boys was the beautiful(and hot) princess who’s gonna love us no matter our faults…

And so,we wait for them to come, like snow white, we wait for the prince to kiss us and take us home… and we wait and we wait… But at some point you realize noone’s coming, that you have to go looking for that other half…did you find him/her? and you start wondering why not…”Am i good enough?” ‘Were my standarts too high?” “Was i looking for at the right direction?”

But then it hits you,some people  earlier than others….there’s no knight in shining armor,or radiant princess…it’s a person, faulty,ugly,pretty,stupid,clever,boring ordinary and unique… just like you and everybody else…stop looking for that guy in the movies or that bimbo in the tv commercial and start looking for that person next to you,the person you just met or that total stranger who picks up your purse… Don’t judge with a list of criteria but with what you feel’s right…. Countless books and movies have been bitching about all this but the thing is….you just have to go with your heart and see where it takes you…forget the fantasies and go with what life gives you because, at some point….later on, you might regret it…And what happens then,when you know your knight is kissing your neighborhood barbie, breeding Kens?? What do you do then??

Tell me what you think,prove me wrong, tell me your story,your opinion….

quote of the day,well you can’t have enough quotes about that can you?? so today,there’s two…          “I don’t wish to be everything to everyone, but i whould like to be something to someone”  Steven         Javan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

“We are all born for love. It is the principle of existance and it’s only end”   Benjamin Disraeli

p.s. next week i’ll start a project i’ve wanted to start for some time now,and make monthly tributes to music bands and artists. Fasten your seat belts!!


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