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Holding out for a hero…

 We’ve had fantasies and dreams since we were young, our imagination was going wild about castles,dragons,knights and princesses. Talking cars,becoming astronauts and ballerinas. We were on fire… But as we grew up,even crazier dreams came to the surface,for girls was Prince Charming who’s gonna sweep them off their feet. For us boys was the beautiful(and hot) princess who’s gonna love us no matter our faults…

And so,we wait for them to come, like snow white, we wait for the prince to kiss us and take us home… and we wait and we wait… But at some point you realize noone’s coming, that you have to go looking for that other half…did you find him/her? and you start wondering why not…”Am i good enough?” ‘Were my standarts too high?” “Was i looking for at the right direction?”

But then it hits you,some people  earlier than others….there’s no knight in shining armor,or radiant princess…it’s a person, faulty,ugly,pretty,stupid,clever,boring ordinary and unique… just like you and everybody else…stop looking for that guy in the movies or that bimbo in the tv commercial and start looking for that person next to you,the person you just met or that total stranger who picks up your purse… Don’t judge with a list of criteria but with what you feel’s right…. Countless books and movies have been bitching about all this but the thing is….you just have to go with your heart and see where it takes you…forget the fantasies and go with what life gives you because, at some point….later on, you might regret it…And what happens then,when you know your knight is kissing your neighborhood barbie, breeding Kens?? What do you do then??

Tell me what you think,prove me wrong, tell me your story,your opinion….

quote of the day,well you can’t have enough quotes about that can you?? so today,there’s two…          “I don’t wish to be everything to everyone, but i whould like to be something to someone”  Steven         Javan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

“We are all born for love. It is the principle of existance and it’s only end”   Benjamin Disraeli

p.s. next week i’ll start a project i’ve wanted to start for some time now,and make monthly tributes to music bands and artists. Fasten your seat belts!!


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