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Bet you wannna be a loser like me…

Yeah,you guessed correctly once again,I’ve been watching glee. This time there’ll be no movie cause i feel that i should talk about something different. Hatez skip off. Like,right now, this one’s not for you! You won’t like it… Seriously,go…!
Now fellow gleeks, let’s talk glee. I recently started watching glee (already finished it twice) and even-though grey’s anatomy still stands as my favorite show on t.v.,glee comes second with grey’s anatomy winning by default…

I’ve found my self identifying with many characters and situations happening in glee as well as songs, like mercedes’ not having a boyfriend for 43 episodes cause nobody thinks of her in a romantic way or Kurt’s problem with bullying or…or…or… and i dare say that by watching glee i have been changed for good, and who can say if  I’ve been changed for the better? First of all I’m soo happy that I’ve come to knowing and respecting so many new songs,artists,musicals and bands as well as actors and script writers( ill be assigning you with way better bands than i had originally intended to)…Wicked, Gypsy, Cats, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Paramore, queen, barbra, celine, billy idol, neil diamond are just a few of the many artists and shows I’ve come to adore in the past few weeks and i think I’ll keep it that way for a very very long time…

Also, while we’re praising i should talk about the characters….Lea Michele with her amazing performance and Rachel with her undying passion for pursuing her dream have really motivated me,and I’m not easily motivated,it’s happened like 6-8 times before, in my whole life! I’m a bit hesitant for saying this but Kurt and bullying, i feel that too. I have always been very sensitive about teasing,bullying and calling people names and this show’s depictions of high school bullying made a real impact on me,and I’ve been way more sensitive about these thing… And then there’s Sue!!  Oh,sweet Sue how i don’t identify with you but… i can say you’re hilarious as h*ll! She’s funnier than the whole cast of big bang theory,and that’s saying something! Jane Lynch deserves every awards she’s won!

Well that was it for glee! I could go on for days talking about it but frankly, I get bored too easiy… I hope you agree with me and if you don’t I’d love to hear your comments on that, since the comment section on my blog’s like a space,empty! Don’t be afraid to tell me you don’t like something i say!

What to assign to you…since jun is already over i would say you take… journey,most featured band in glee singing some 0f the best songs I’ve ever heard. “Any way you want it”, “Don’t stop believing” and “faithfully” are mandatory, the rest are just a must… that’s it for now!

quotes of the day :  Sue: I’m gonna make it a habit to not stop and talk to students because this has been a colossal waste of my time.    and
Sue: I might buy a small diaper for your chin, because it looks like a baby’s ass.


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